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Group: Building Industry

Building Materials: Wholesale and Distribution

Architectural Elements
Building Chemical Products
Carpenter and Joiner Products
Chimneys, Stoves, Fireplaces
Concrete Components and Prefabricated Elements
Concrete Reinforcement
External Wall Insulation Systems
Facade and Interior Paints
Floor Systems and Floor Coverings
Garden Architectural Elements
Insulating Materials
Mortars and Plasters
Partition Walls, Ceilings, Wall Coverings
Roof Systems and Components
Sanitary Equipment
Sanitary Pipework, Drainage
Stonework Products
Wall and Floor Tiles
Walling Systems and Components
Windows, Doors, Gates
Other Materials
Aggregate, Sand, Rubble - see Industry and Agriculture - Mining Industry
Metallurgical Products - see Wholesalers... - Ironmongery and Metallurgical Products

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